Sunday, October 26, 2008

All about Thistle

This is Thistle.
She lives in Christchurch.
She used to live in Auckland with us, when we moved to Christchurch we had to get her shipped across on a horse truck with my rabbit.
She is 20 years old, donkey can live to over 30 years old !!!

All about Spencer

This is Spencer.
He lives in Christchurch.
He is 3 years old.
He has been to obedience and has got his Canine Good Citizen Award.
Last year Spencer got most achieved for the year !!!

Emerald in the snow

This is Emerald.
She lives in New Zealand.
She has 5 children, 2 daughters and 2 sons.
Her daughters are Hero and Violet.
Her sons are Torino, Valentino and Tamburini.
Their father is called Ronan !!!

All About Tamburini

This is Tamburini.
He is 2 and a half.
He lives in Singapore.
He has 2 sitsters and 2 brothers.
His sisters names are Hero and Violet. His brothers names are Torino and Valentino.
His mother is called Emerald and is father is called Ronan !!!

All About Hero

This is my dog Hero.
She is 2 and a half.
She lives in New Zealand.
She loves jumping up and hugging me like this !!!

Valentino little puppy

This is Valentino.
He is 2 and a half, but he is much bigger now.
He lives in Wellington, with some Alpaca !!!

All about Violet

This is Violet.
She lives in the Bay of Islands, Keri Keri.
She is 2 and a half.
Sometimes she goes to kindergarten because her owner works there !!!